Friends Don’t Complicate Things

This speaks the truth, but there is something to be learned here. Such similarities in every relationship ever entered. Are we all so generic? So easily defined and associated. If you talk to a close friend, can they sympathize with you because they can relate? They shouldn’t be able to. If it was real and true love, it wouldn’t be able to be comprehended by the faint of heart. If you have to ask if he thought you were the one, then you just simply aren’t. Deep down you just know, without any sense of logical reasoning, you just know. And when you know, no matter how crazy complicated things might seem, you have a sense of understanding with one another. That even though you don’t fully make sense of the situation, that it oddly feels complete. Friends don’t let things get complicated. That’s why you learn self control before you date. Just because you are uncertain of your own emotions, doesn’t mean you have the right to mess with someone else’s.

Thought Catalog

It’ll be a dreary Sunday, five weeks before you uproot your life to Chicago for a summer internship. You’ll try to keep conversation natural, but after knowing you for so long, he’ll know something is undoubtedly wrong. He’ll ask you what’s on your mind, and while parked at a red light, you’ll break down. You’ll tell him you don’t love him anymore. He’ll try to keep his voice and hands steady as he drives you home, asking you all the questions you had anticipated he would. You felt like you were prepared to be the villain in this narrative, like you were mentally prepared for these questions. You won’t be. You thought you would feel free, but you’ll realize the fabled gut-punching guilt you were warned about by your friends is the reality.

He’ll cry and you’ll wonder why you’re crying as well. You’ll doubt yourself — often and for…

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